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The $ 1.4 billion Lalbhai Group was formed in 1897 and has various diversified businesses such as textiles, garments, branded apparel, retail, engineering, dyes, chemicals and real estate. Some of the key businesses of the group are as follows. 


Arvind Limited  set up in 1931, has set the pace for changing global customer demands for textiles and has focused its attention on select core products. Forevision and Technology has brought Arvind to be one of the top three producers of Denim in the world, and on its way becoming the Global Textile Conglomerate. Arvind is already making its presence felt in Shirting, Knits and Khakis fabrics apart from being all set to create ripples in the ready to wear Garments world over.


Major businesses of Arvind Limited:
⇒ Textiles- Fabrics & Garments Manufacturing (Arvind Ltd.)
⇒ Brands & Retail (Arvind Megamart, The Arvind store)
⇒ Engineering (The Anup engineering, Arvind Envisol)
⇒Telecom (Syntel, Arya omnitalk)
⇒ Real Estate Development (Arvind Real estate)


Arvind is listed in leading national stock exchanges and Luxemburg exchange. The main shareholders, Lalbhai Family, holds over 40% stake in the company employs about 25,000 employees- one of the largest employers in state of Gujarat, india


Atul Limited 


Amol diacalite was established in 1979,to produce for the first time in India, Perlite Filteraids and Perlite products under the technical and financial collaboration with an American company Grefco, Inc. USA, pioneers and world leaders of Perlite products. The company also undertakes the cryogenics insulation job.